The Physician, Cinema-Production

AVRAM — Abraham concerts

Orfeo baroque

Virgo Natura Sophia

The Houses of Religions 2010

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9. Januar
19.30 Uhr
Frühjahrs- Gesangskurs montags Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
12. Januar
17.00 Uhr
Frühjahrs- Gesangskurs
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
12. Januar
19.30 Uhr
Frühjahrs- Gesangskurs
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
6. März
19.00 Uhr
Neujahrsempfang der Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit
Musik mit Schirin Partowi und Markus Schinkel, Klavier
Haus der Kirche
2. April
17.00 Uhr
AVRAM - Eröffnungsveranstaltung
der Ausstellung "Der geteilte Himmel"
Reformation und religiöse Vielfalt an Rhein und Ruhr  (geschlossene Veranstaltung) 
avram-ensemble.de Essen, Zeche Schacht XII, Halle 5
6. April
JOURNEY Konzertreise mit Schirin Partowi und Marcus Schinkel (Piano)
Zur Vernissage `journey in modern art´ von Georg Witteler
Sparkasse Hochsauerland
9. April Karl Jenkins,
Stabat Mater
  Uetersen, Klosterkirche Ltg. Eberhard Kneifel
21. April
15.00 Uhr
AVRAM Ausstellungseröffnung 
www.museum-telgte.de Telgte, Bürgerhaus
24. April
19.30 Uhr
Sommer- Gesangskurs
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
27. April
17.00 Uhr
Sommer- Gesangskurs
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
27. April
19.30 Uhr
Sommer- Gesangskurs
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
14. Mai Paris feiert Luther -
Luther musicien
Plakat zum Lutherfestival Paris, Christuskirche
26. - 28. Mai 2017 SEA SONGS
Gesangsworkshop Holland
Kurse Vlissingen NL
Sint Jacobsstraat 8
11. Juni,
16.00 Uhr
Klangbrücken zwischen den Kulturen
avram-ensemble.de Antweilter
Alte Mühle
15. Juni
20.00 Uhr
Karl Jenkins:
Stabat Mater
Dom St. Nikolai
24. Juni 2017 ForumFrauenSingen
"Zu den Wurzeln Gesangs-Workshop
ForumFrauenSingen Hofheim-Wallau
2. Juli 15.00 Uhr International Council of Christians and Jews www.iccj.org Bonn,
Bad Godesberger Kammerspiele
23. Juli
19.00 Uhr
Europäische Orgel- und Vokalmusik
www.oelinghausen.de Kloster Oelinghausen
29. Juli bis 5. August CHOR-GESANG Interkulturell
www.sommerakademie-alfter.de Alfter/Bonn
31. August
19.00 Uhr
AVRAM Karewan avram-ensemble.de

Plakat zur Veranstaltung
Bonn/ Bad Godesberg Johanniskirche
Zanderstraße 51
4. September
19.30 Uhr
Herbst - Gesangsseminar
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
7. September
17.00 Uhr
Herbst - Gesangsseminar
Termine unter Kurse Bonn, Steinerhaus Saal, Thomas-Mann-Str. 36
8. - 10. September FLOW
Info unter Kurse Komturei Adenau
16. September
19.00 Uhr
Taste of religion
www.der-geteilte-himmel.de/konzerte.html Essen, UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein Halle 12
7. Oktober
19.00 Uhr
AVRAM Karewan avram-ensemble.de Schmallenberg
St. Alexander
13. -14. Oktober CHOR-GESANG Interkulturell
im Rahmen der Interkulturellen Woche
Aula der Musikschule
31.Oktober REFORMATIONSGALA Karten über den evangelischen Kirchenkreis Bonn Bonn
Telekom Dome
11. November
11.00 bis 17.00 Uhr
Näheres unter Kurse Hagen, Pavillon Waldorfschule

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The Physician, Cinema-Production

Filmplakat Der Medicus  

World bestseller ‚The Physician' , which sold more than six million copies in Germany alone, stands out as an impassioned present-day plea for intercultural harmony and religious tolerance. The novel was recently adopted as blueprint for both an emotional and spectacular adventure film.


When in 2013 the film was produced in UFA Studio Berlin , Schirin Partowi was selected both to compose and to perform some of the sound tracks as solo vocalist.
Listen to them in tracks No 1 (after approx. two minutes), No 4 and No 12.

You can order or download the film soundtrack here

Unreleased soundtrack: Mystic Love by Schirin Partowi

Gesangsaufnahmen für Der Medickus
Recording film music for ‘The Physician' in Berlin, September 2013
Scenes from Berlin Premiere
Talking with film director Philipp Stölzl

Zoopalast Berlin , December 16, 2013


Public showings start on December 25, 2013

Ensemble AVRAM
Ensemble Avram

   2nd CD´s preview


Augsburg 2011

Head Abraham concerts

Bridges of sound in foreign regions

Following a succession of inter-cultural events in the Capital of Culture year, the Protestant Culture Office suggested intensifying the evident revival of interreligious impulse in the Ruhr region with a concert project In 2010.

From this idea sprang the Abraham concerts.

Religious and secular song from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, from the Middle Ages to the present day form the basis for this programme.

The AVRAM ensemble consists of musicians from different areas.

Their scope covers the great mystics from East and West  with elements from classical, world music, Klezmer and jazz to ingenious bridges of sound joining the in part unfamiliar musical landscapes of these kindred religions together.

En route, however, there is a strong hint of the musical similarity between the Children of Abraham.

Schirin Partowi

Gedicht english


ISBN 978-3-8375-0648-8
Ensemble AVRAM   
Schirin Partowi  Song, concept   Murat Cakmaz  Ney
Peter Ehm  Clarinet Markus Wienstroer  Guitar
Konstantin Wienstroer  Contrabass Rhani Krija  Percussion
Matthias Kurth  Guitar, oud II Nora Thiele   Percussion II
Kai Bettermann  Speaker Ilil Land-Boss   Speaker
Audio Samples (Youtube)
Abrahamkonzert Premiere
Concert dates  
Premiere: April 5, 2011, Essen,
Alte Kirche
October  6, 2011, Dortmund,
7. Juli 2011, July 7, 2011, Gladbeck,
Martin Luther Forum
October 16, 2011, Essen,
Fatih mosque
7. August 2011, August 7, 2011, Augsburg, Rathausplatz, High Augsburg Peace Festival, open air November 8, 2011, Essen,
September 25, 2011, Essen,
January 26, 2012, Duisburg

September 28, 2011, Bergisch Gladbach,


Organizer: Protestant Culture Office, Essen

Card phone: 0049/2 01/22 05-0

The AVRAM project has joined the Angel of the Cultures, a powerful symbol that has already left a considerable impact with many of its activities
www.abrahamkonzerte.de and www.engel-der-kulturen.de


Between church and politics, Fatih mosque, Essen 2010


Voices on the premiere:

“The concert successfully symbolized the impartial intercourse of religions and cultures, which after the concert no longer surprises me as their common source was made very clear. And what is more,  we heard the most beautiful music.”
Reinhard Paß, Lord Mayor of Essen

“The singer’s voice made a deep impression on me; she conveyed the essential components of the concert with great intensity: music brings us closer to one another, and we discover that we have so much in common.”
Judith Neuwald-Tasbach, Chairman of the Jewish community, Gelsenkirchen

“I do not regret coming to the “Alte Kirche” yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, particularly the singer. Perhaps it was she and her powerful presentation as well as the accompanying Arabian long flute that made the melodies less unfamiliar to me. I can confirm through  my ears that music joins nations and people together more easily than language.
Although not indicated in the programme, I particularly liked the speaker with his ring parable and the parable of the three wise men – a real enrichment to the concert. A brief comment on the individual music pieces and spoken elements can undoubtedly contribute towards the concerns for  respect for foreign cultures.”
Otmar Vieth, Provost, Hohe Domkirche in Essen.
„Yes, it was a wonderful evening  with moving sounds,  evoking feelings of affinity and inspiring the mind with its music, atmosphere and lovingly composed presentation… Excellent musicians, all of them…!
… powerful voice … brilliant rhythms …. virtuoso guitar and bass … a Turkish flute which put Bach in a new light, both tender and mystical … and even the bass clarinet, with the vibrancy of a didgeridoo, accompanied the classical song of love and men in its immeasurable freedom …
This evening made the stranger within me become a friend and ally …. a wonderful  interaction and enrichment for all … divine … and GOOD LUCK”
Helmut Stelzer

“The Abraham Concert really inspired me. The AVRAM ensemble offers a unique musical indulgence in interaction with western and oriental instruments. At the same time the arrangements allow scope for solo parts in which the musicians’ virtuosity is clearly audible.  The unrivalled and expressive alto voice of Schirin Partowi  dominates it again and again. The choice of pieces from Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions span a wide range from the Sephardim songs to Hildegard von Bingen through to Yunus Emre. A wonderful evening whose atmosphere one would like to keep hold of. We can only hope that these five planned concerts will not be the last.
Volker Meißner, consultant for theological questions of principle, migration, integration, inter-religious dialogue in the diocese of Essen

“The music was fascinating. It became clear from which different cultural and musical developments its unique sound is composed.
Important was the reference to the common principles of the religions which were revealed in the texts performed. I was pleased to see that not only was the evening well attended but numerous representatives from the churches and religions were also among the guests. The will for consensus and at the same time a respect towards being different was revealed.”
Andreas Bomheuer, head of culture and migration in Essen

“This premiere was an evening to remember!
Schirin Partowi is right: “Music is an integral part of every practicing religion, every celebration, every culture. Music is the language of the heart, the expression of desire, joy and suffering. It is spontaneously understood by everyone. If I can find the will to listen to the music of a stranger, I will be drawn close to this stranger.”
And that is exactly  how we experienced it!  Congratulations to the AVRAM ensemble.  The message did  indeed come across. Many thanks for that.
Important too, however, is the prayer for peace at the beginning. It was indeed very impressive to see the representatives of the religions and then being able to take part in their prayers. The good concert programme was an excellent support here.
Music does indeed bring people together and it serves to create peace between the religions. That the mystic tradition in all religions is rediscovered is very gratifying. Kai Betterman as speaker – the man of words, of the art of speaking – complemented the art of sound very well.”
Irmenfried Mundt, superintendent of the Protestant church in Essen



The legend of the power of song

With empathy the singer and her ensemble of four tell the story of Orpheus the singer. They sing of his love for Eurydice in the idyllic landscape of Arcadia, her sudden death, his pain and then his courageous journey into the Underworld. He succeeds in doing something which no mortal before him has: With the power of his singing he moved the unyielding gods of Death to genuine compassion...

...Documentary about the Orfeo project by the French TV (FR3)

A moving evening with the most beautiful Orpheus vocal pieces from Europe's 17 th century Baroque.

You will hear works by Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Charpentier, Clérambault, Purcell, Leopold I, Hidalgo, Krieger, Voigtländer and others.

The young ensemble consists of four highly talented and internationally acclaimed Baroque musicians. Among others they are performing in the great Baroque formations such as CONCERTO KÖLN, FREIBURGER BAROCKORCHESTER, the Polish ARTE DEI SUONATORI, CAPRICCIO BASEL, the MUSICA FIATA, HOLLAND BAROQUE SOCIETY


Lute    —    Berlin

Viola da Gamba    —     Köln

Harp   —     Hamburg

Violin   —     Freiburg



In the time of transition from Renaissance to Baroque, around 1600 to be exact, opera was born in Italy. At the same time an ancient legendary figure stepped into the limelight:

Orpheus, the exquisite singer – of whom mythology spectacularly relates how he tamed wild animals and the forces of nature with the sheer beauty of his voice and his talent on the lyre, and was able to overcome death with the power of love and his music...

From time immemorial the multi-facteted nature of the old legends has led people to consider the fundamental questions on life. We can sense how important the common theme around Orpheus is if we consider what influence the Orphic mystery religion, attributed to Orpheus, had in ancient Greece. To the old fathers of the church Orpheus had paved the way to Christendom, as later Orphic scripts told of his belief in one sole God. In conquering death he heralded possible deliverance from the dark halls of Hades' underworld , which in those days was unavoidable for all Greeks. And so in the first centuries of Christendom Orpheus was seen as a forerunner of Christ.

The story of Orpheus has since inspired generations of philosophers, poets and musicians. As early as the 17th century numerous Orpheus operas and music plays appeared in Italian, German and French courts.

We have selected some of the most beautiful and appealing vocal and instrumental pieces of the time and compiled them for our ORPHEUS narration.
In this context it is interesting to observe how differently the various nations dealt with the theme of Orpheus, indeed how diverse the national musical styles in Europe were during the Baroque period. In addition to the lute and viola da gamba, which were the classical accompanying instruments, we have integrated the harp into the programme as pendant to the Orphic lyre.

Schirin Partowi

.... more information (programme text)




Songs of Mary and Arias from the medieval to the modern

At present the Mary theme is being revised for a CD production at the Deutschlandfunk as an impulse spanning all cultures.

The Houses of Religions 2010



An interreligious art project

By Beatrice Cron and Schirin Partowi


The art project “THE HOUSES OF RELIGIONS” has existed since 2004 for the three monotheistic religions. The exhibition established itself as an independent event, but also – as we felt, particularly effective - in connection with interreligious symposia and lectures within a framework of events by different academies, churches, houses of art and universities.
The performance is now being revised for the dialogue of the five world religions – among others for a row of events linked with “Essen, Europe's cultural capital city 2010” and it has been expanded to include the houses of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The theme: the debate on the crucial questions of human existence as well as the struggle for internal and external peace has taken place at all times and in all cultural circles tracing back to the spiritual aspects of existence – the central theme of all religions.
The great, apparently insurmountable conflicts of religion in the past and present appear to spring not from the actual religious content, but from the interests of political power and nationalistic or economic aspects.
Still, despite a clear classification of contents, there have always been times of peaceful intercommunication, tolerant and fruitful cooperation between the great religions and a peaceful future demands honest confrontation.

Each of the world religions seems to characterize a particular aspect of human spiritual truth. These different perceptions determined by cultural traditions and history appear from an artistic viewpoint to be one and the same scale with the various “colour - sounds”.
The artistic synopsis of these “sound – colours” generates an overall view which expresses the wish for mutual recognition, depicting the potential to approach each other on a contemporary basis.

The houses: They are coloured transparent entities, walk-in “houses” which, lit from different perspectives – from inside or outside, display a variety of their individual details.
With their distinctive colour motifs the houses are separated from each other and yet have the same basic structure.
Complementing each other, they share the same room.
Characteristic solo songs spiritually unfold in, around and between each house of religion as it lights up.

Schirin Partowi

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